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For anyone who didn’t see it, let me tell you.

The Doctor’s a time traveler. He brought Vincent Van Gogh (who was severely depressed and lost hope in his ability and himself) to the future, to a museum where they are celebrating his art.

I don’t know if any of you are artists (drawing, writing, whatever), but being a writer, this scene moved me to tears. You’re your own worst critic, and feel like your stuff is complete shit sometimes…maybe even to the level of despair like Van Gogh. But imagine someone brought you to a world where people love and appreciate your art. Or it means something so special to them. The thought of it is overwhelming.

I just about died

Just looking at this makes me want to sob oh god so many feelings

I just started sobbing.

And even if you’re not going to be the next Vincent Van Gogh (let’s face it, most of us aren’t), maybe all you really need is that one person who sees something important in your art, or that one person who can read your writing and have it speak honestly to them.

If something you’ve created has ever impacted another individual, then they’re going to move forward from that experience changed in some way, and by something that nobody can ever take from them.

That is what matters. 

This episode of Dr. Who, even in the long chain of tear-worthy Dr. Who episodes, inexplicably (okay, it was really the fact you know how tragic Van Gogh’s life was) it is the one that made me cry the most. I just like… full on sobbed for the last 5 minutes at least. This episode is beautiful and amazing because you realize that by showing a man who never knew anything but rejection and pain that one day he would be revered and hero-worshipped, it was the most moving and wonderful thing anybody had ever done or would ever do for Van Gogh. I’m legitimately crying just thinking about it.

This gifset… holy crap. *tears*

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